While most statistics that are thrown around in regards to the gender wage gap don’t consider occupation, industry, and education, there is still a large percentage of the wage gap that goes unexplained once this is considered. By and large, women are paid less on the sole fact that they are women.

And for the men who complain, “BUT TEH MENZ HAEV TO PAY FOR DINNERZ” (no, actually, you don’t), let’s pretend that it was law that all men had to pay for their dates.

The unexplained wage gap that has a disparity of 10 cents per dollar is equal to $4,465 per year, or $156,275 over the course of a 35-year career.

Let me put that in other terms for you. With that extra money from the wage gap you can do the following:

-Pay for 700 steak dinners ($35/each)
-Pay for 1,000 IMAX theatre ticket ($16/each)
-Pay for 85 tickets to a broadway show ($85/each)
-Fly 3 times from NYC to Paris and spend a week each time at a 4-star hotel ($6,000/trip)
-Buy a 14K White gold diamond ring ($7,500)

And still have $48,000 to spend on whatever else you want.

So next time you complain about having to pay for a woman’s dinner (that you’re not obligated to pay) when the Wage Gap is discussed, sit yo ass down.


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